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Fellows of the Institute for East European Studies

We are pleased to add to our interdisciplinary research profile by regularly welcoming international guests and their research projects to the Institute. Research at the Institute for East European Studies covers the regions Eastern Europe, East-Central Europe and Southeast Europe. On the one hand, this relates to the historical, cultural, political and economic development and current definition of the region. Differences and similarities, particularly in relation to Western Europe, are analyzed from comparative, interregional and transcultural perspectives. On the other hand, research at the Institute for East European Studies analyzes inner regional specifics of individual politically, culturally and economically defined sub regions.


Alla Putintseva

Fellow (Law Department) 09/19

Alla Putintseva

kand. iur. Konstantin Branovitskii

Fellow WS 2016/17 - SoSe 2017

Fellow im Fachbereich Recht

Mauricio Alonso Estevez Daniel

Fellow (05-07 2019)

Fellow at the Department of Sociology


Dr. Lukasz Krzyzanowski

Fellow (2016-2017)

Fellow im Fachbereich Geschichte

+49 30 838 59778


Daria Rytova

Fellow 2018/2019

Fellow at Law Department

Dr. Gavin Slade


Forschungsprojekt: "Gulag Legacies: Prison Reform, Violence and Social Order in Post-Soviet Lithuania, Georgia and Kyrgyzstan"

Gavin Slade

Dr. Simon Lewis

Fellow (2016-2017)

Fellow im Fachbereich Geschichte

+49 30 838 59799

s200_simon lewis

Dr. Genghua Zhu

Fellow (2018-2019)

Fellow at Center for Global Politics


Dr. Didem Özkiziltan

Gastwissenschaftlerin: Fellow of the Dahlem Research School (2015-2017)

Research Focus: The current situation of Turkey’s employment relations & social policies and development of labour-capital relations in Turkey in historical process.

Didem Oezkiziltan

Dr. Sofia Tipaldou

Fellow im Arbeitsbereich Soziologie (SoSe 2016)

+49 30 838 54536

Dr. Ion Popa

Fellow (2015-2016)

Fellow im Fachbereich Geschichte

+49 30 838 62789