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Dr. Genghua Zhu

Image Credit: G. Zhu

Fellow (2018-2019)

Fellow at Center for Global Politics

Room 210

Research Project: "The Globalization of NATO and China's National Security"


  • "NATO’s Involvement in Asia and the Limits of Support from Allies and Partners" [M]. Beijing: China Social Science Press, 2016.(in Chinese)


  • "French PM's China Visit in the De-globaliztion Clamor" [J]. GGTN , 2017,52(3) :21-36 (in English);
  • "Warsaw Summit and NATO’s New Strategy" [J]. Contemporary Military , 2016,41(9) :44-47 (in Chinese);
  • "The U.S. Foreign Aid to Egypt: Evolution, Motivation and Influence" [J]. Fudan American Review, 2011,11(1) :158-172 (in Chinese);
  • "Germany Reparations to the Jewish World and the Development of Israel" [J]. Germany Studies, 2010,25(4) :20-26 (in Chinese).